MS 565 Intercultural Communication and Christian Mission(다문화간 의사소통과 선교)

Missions Strategy in the Age of Persecution (박해시대: 한국 선교전략) / Jun, Ho Jin (전호진, Th.D.)

Doctoral MS718 / Master MS518

Korean Worldview and Cross Cultural Missions (한국인의 세계관)_Ahn, Jung Hun (안정헌, Ph.D.)

Doctoral MS763 / Master MS563

Christology in Biblical Systematic Theology (성경적 조직신학에 있어서 기독론)_Yeom, Sin Seung (염신승, Th.D.)

Doctoral  TH745 / Master TH545

Practice of Family Counseling (가정 상담의 실제)

Doctoral FM704 / Master FM504

Evangelism in Islamic Context (이슬람 지역에서의 전도)_Oh, Joseph (오요셉, Th.D.)

Doctoral  MS794 / Master MS594

Biblical Principles of Missions in the Old Testament (구약성서의 선교원리)_Park, Chong Moo (박종무, Th.D.)

Doctoral MS706 / Master MNS506